All the Black’s had dark hair and dark features, but then a girl with blond hair and face of an angel was born. She was different from all, she knew exactly how to get what she wanted, with calm and cunning. Narcissa, the daughter of Cygnus Black was perfect in every way, a treasure in the Black family.

Anonymous asked: what where do you live where it's already 10:30 at night?

It’s actually 23:48 now and I live in London!

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My boyfriends fallen asleep at 10:30 and now I’m just sitting in bed cus I can’t sleep this damn early! Someone talk to meee.

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favourite siblings ➝ petunia and lily evans

You think I don't know what they're capable of? You didn't just lose a mother that night in Godric's Hollow, you know. I lost a sister.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson photographed by Greg Williams for Esquire UK, September 2012

  • baby: m....m...m
  • mom: mama? ma? mommy?
  • baby: m...m...
  • baby: m..mY ANACONDA DONT

Emma Stone attends the Opening Ceremony and ‘Birdman’ premiere during the 71st Venice Film Festival on August 27, 2014 in Venice, Italy.


{ some of the most intriguing and influential historical queens }

I'm building an empire
I'm building with the stars in mind
I'm building an empire
That's one day gona scrape the sky